Radiant Power Video

This is my video describing my Radiant electricity circuit. I show it fully working, and explain what it does.
It is based on Nikola Tesla’s Hairpin circuit, Also known as his Stout bar circuit.
This solid state Radiant Power uses a series resonant bifilar pancake coil, that is being impulsed. And by doing so it is able to induce electricity in a parallel loose coupled bifilar pancake coil.

Normally Series resonance, is not able to induce power, as the current and voltage are 90 degrees out of phase. But by introducing the impulse on the voltage maximum is is able.
Nikola Tesla often spoke of these impulses in his lectures and Radiant Energy patents. Many think he only used capacitor discharges to create these impulses, but the magnetic field discharge of a coil, produces these same impulses, more commonly known as “back EMF”, or as ” Inductive spikes”