Pdf’s to download.

This article shows different versions of Nikola Tesla’s oscillator, which works with fast coil discharges.

This hard to find book, is a good introduction into the advanced work of Nikola Tesla, based on impulses.

In the first 100 pages of this book, JJ Tomson, clearly descibes the concept of Faraday Tubes.

This is my prefered gate driver for my SiC MOSFET’s

This Lecture of Nikola Telsa is hard to find! 

One of the Wolfspeed/Cree C3M SiC MOSFET’s that is excelent for impulse generation. 

I use this Isolated DC to DC power converter to power my isolated gate driver IC’s which switch my C3M Wolfspeed mosfets.

This excellent ultra fast diode is used for impulse blocking. it can handle up to 8A and 1000V. They can be put in series for higher voltages.

The first few chapters of this book, clearly explain how the magnetic and dielectric fields can transform into each other.

This Wolfspeed/Cree C2M SiC Mosfet is also able to creat fast impulses, but switches at a highr 20V gate voltage. It is replaced by the C3M SiC mosfets.