Radiant Half Bridge Circuit

I have made a new video about my Radiant Half Bridge Circuit. This is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/c2_rKc7sHGk Link to the isolated gate drive circuit (circuit, pcb, BOM) https://oshwlab.com/MasterIvo/radiant-half-bridge-900 Link to the PCB (from above link) https://easyeda.com/editor#id=1fa6ba959b6844d598ef1974f6bed660 from here, you can order the PCB: from the “Fabrication” menu, then click “PCB order” It […]

Radiant Power Video

This is my video describing my Radiant electricity circuit. I show it fully working, and explain what it does.It is based on Nikola Tesla’s Hairpin circuit, Also known as his Stout bar circuit. This solid state Radiant Power uses a series resonant bifilar pancake coil, that is being impulsed. And by doing so it is […]

My YouTube channel

This is my YouTube channel where I share all my research: http://youtube.com/c/masterivo


UPDATED BOM of radiant half bridge circuitDownload Here are some pdf’s relating to my research. some are data sheets, others are Lectures, from CP Steinmetz, JJ Tompson and N Tesla new files will probably be added in the future. datasheet for 900V MOSFET used in my radiant half bridge circuit C3M0065090D Download “The streams of […]

Dielectric fields

Dielectric fields are the main topic of my research. All fields, magnetic or dielectric are Aether fields. One Field stands out for me, and that is the ring vortex, also known as the ring toroid, or simply the donut shape. This Aether field holds many possibilities. To be clear, this is not the commenly known […]