Radiant Electricity

This website is dedicated to my continuing open source research into Nikola Tesla’s Radiant energy. Today the Tesla Coil today is well known, but is actually only a resonant coil. 

Nikola Tesla’s 1890’s Lectures reveal that he used Impulse electricity, based on disruptive capacitor discharges. My research is based on his more advanced methods, which use coil discharges to create voltage impulses. 

These impulses are used in his primary coil, which then excites his secondary coil by dielectric induction. Through my research I have come to the conclusion, that Nikola Tesla’s Radiant Energy is strongly related to displacement current.

In his most advanced work he used an extra coil in series with the secondary to get extremely high voltage, whereby voltage and current become in phase.

This forms the basis of my research, whereby I use his bifilar pancake coils. And I’m using solid state series MOSFET switching to get the high voltage impulses. 


Isolated gate driver PCB

I designed a high voltage MOSFET switch able to switch up to and above 200kc/s.

This custom designed switch is the heart of my circuit, as it is enabling me to create 3500V impulses, in the nano second range. The switch consists of 2 simultaneously driven, series connected SiC MOSFETs. 

You can download the gerber files for production from this website, clink button below